Sweden - Lights in Alingsås still on the go

Cecilia Cronelid and Johanna Enger, the two Swedish Lighting Designers in charge of the spot nr. 6 sponsored by GRIVEN, “The Source”, are very happy with the final result achieved by their team, that transformed the philosophical concept behind the source into a revealing lighting installation. 
The two lighting designers had developed their concept according to a recent discovery showing that all mammals emit photons, or rather biophotons, a kind of energy that turns into light. Researchers assert that biophotons can be linked to the degree of consciousness of different beings. This could therefore mean that the higher the level of consciousness we human have, the more light we emit.  The team’s interpretation  was also based on the conditions of the site, where the water source became a metaphor for the source of energy. The grove represented the exchange of energy, and the greenery reflected in the water at the last viewpoint, reflection and enlightenment. Different sounds accompany the light installations at each viewpoint.
According to their artistic adaptation of this theory, the site represents a journey, which is divided into three parts: The Source, The Connection and The Environment. The Source is the beginning of everything, what gives energy and light to all living things. The Connection is a place where we experience and become part of the global energy by meeting other people and exchanging our biophotons. In The Environment we can see ourselves in a larger context both as human being and as part of the universal cycle, where everything is connected. 
At the source is a humming sound and a deep breath. The luminaires were programmed to “breathe” in line with the sound. In The Connection, a melody is interrupted by a crackling sound and LED loops in the trees seem to transfer energy to each other and occasionally flash. A quiet melody loop is heard at the Environment.
This unforgettable experience will last till November, 3rd. Stay tuned for further pictures and videos!

Photos by:Patrik Gunnar Helin