France - Vive le Bleu!

Marking the start of France's six-month presidency of the European Union, the legendary Eiffel Tower of Paris was "dressed up in blue" with twelve yellow stars to recall the EU flag. The 300-metre (984-foot) high tower, the most recognizable monument of France, has been taking on this flamboyant blue hue every evening for six months.
GRIVEN has proudly contributed to light up the Parisian tower with powerful projectors of the renowned KOLORADO colour changer series. Batteries of KOLORADO 4000 units, with the well-known abundance of digitally controlled wall-washing output, teamed up with an array of more than one hundred projectors, installed all around the base of the tower to essentially achieve the overall effect of the peculiar lighting design.
KOLORADO 4000, the most powerful outdoor colour changer of its kind, has been designed primarily for external architectural lighting, although often successfully ending up in the most demanding touring applications. It is 4000W of pure power unleashed through a selection of three beam angle optics, up to an extremely wide 75° aperture. The electronic mixing of cyan, yellow and magenta dichroic filters can create an almost endless colour palette, to highlight any building or structure, live performances or exhibitions to the greatest effect.