South Korea - The elements of magic

Located in Jungrang Ward at about one hour drive from Seoul city centre, Youngma Waterfall Park is a beautiful, well equipped recreational area, which has become a popular destination for families and sports enthusiasts. It offers plenty of relax and playground areas besides many sport facilities, such as  swimming pools, a badminton court, four tennis courts, and a football field. Moreover, it is the starting point for many hiking trails, being located at the base of Yongmasan, one of the many beloved hiking destinations within the Seoul district limits.
Nevertheless, the main attraction of the park is a giant artificial waterfall, which has been constructed right at the base of the mountain. The lush green backdrop and three sets of falls cascading into a large aquamarine pool create a Hawaiian-like scenery right in Seoul’s suburban area. Renowned ad the tallest artificial waterfall in Asia, Yongma Waterfall is made up three different cascades. The 51.4m high main waterfall is flanked on the left by the Blue Dragon Waterfall with a height of 21.4 meters and on the right by the White Horse Waterfall (21.2 meters). All the cascades land in a big clear blue pond, which is often happily assaulted by children, and not only, during the hot and wet Korean summers. 
The South Korean company Gravis System was charged with the illumination of Youngma Waterfalls and completed this challenging project in cooperation with Crelux Lighting Design. Gravis Systems was responsible for the overall directing layout, DMX control design, and lighting simulation. According to the lighting scheme conceived by Crelux‘s lighting designers, a dynamic colour changing show should light up with an LED lighting system the cascades during the night working hours of the site. The appointed lighting designers chose a perfect combination of GRIVEN fixtures, different in shape, light emission and power, in order to provide this tourist attraction with a jaw-dropping effect.  
The chosen fixtures were installed on metal fixing supports hidden in the surrounding vegetation of the mountain borders aiming at different parts of the cascades according to their luminous flux, optics selection and emission power. 2 units of ONYX RGBW along with 4 units of JASPER in RGBW colour configuration, both with ultra spot optics, were positioned in order to perfectly illuminate from a remarkable distance the main waterfall, delivering a dynamic colour changing effect which enhances the falling movement of the water with rainbow chasing layouts. In order to complete the illumination of the cascades, 10 units of CORAL RGBW and 12 of POWERSHINE MK2 in RGBW colour configuration deliver a bright and well distributed light to the side waterfalls. The 12 units of Powershine MK2 S RGBW were equally distributed and installed on two specifically developed metal supports in order to light up the two side waterfalls.
”One of our main concern was the illumination of the top part of the waterfall that reaches up to 51 meters, as the total lighting projection distance was over 70 meters. But the GRIVEN Onyx RGBW product allowed us to solve this problem in a perfect way. All the Seoul government officials and field supervisors who attended the lighting ceremony were very impressed with the performance of Onyx RGBW and JASPER” asserts Mr Lee Chang Bin. We are very satisfied, too, of this amazing installation, once again an important witness of GRIVEN’s international attitude.
Installed products:
Pictures and video: Seoul Jungrang Ward
Lighting design: Crelux Lighting Design