What was new in Frankfurt

Taking place in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) from March, 18 till 23, the 2018 edition of L+B reported a real success in terms of visitors, as any participant could experience from the crowded restaurants, fully reserved hotels, overbooked flights and bustling booths on the fairground!! 
Within this hectic frame, GRIVEN presented its groundbreaking product novelties on a newly conceived concept booth, confirming its leading role within the international architectural lighting market:

GoboLED 7-Pro  
Brighter than a 575W HDI lamp projector and packed with multiple effects and patterns, the new LED-based GOBOLED 7-Pro offers broad creative design integration for permanent exterior installations projecting a bright and accurate rendition of graphic designs or logos in outdoor and  indoor locations.
nanoPARADE  is  an  ultra  compact  aluminium linear  LED module available  in  RGB,  cold,  warm  and dynamic  white  light  configurations.  Featuring extreme  thinness,  in-built  DMX  driver  and  light weight  manageability,  nanoPARADE  is  the  ideal solution for easy outdoor installation on balconies, windows  or  façades  where  a  reduced  mounting space  drastically  limits  the  range  of  suitable products.  With  an  optimal  light  output  efficacy, different length choices and a density of 50 LEDs per metre, more units can comfortably be set-up for  creative  wall  grazing  effect and cove lighting applications with  invariable pixel pitch for a uniform visual layout.
nanoPARADE  TB  
Available with RGB, cold, warm and dynamic white LED  configurations,  nanoPARADE  TB  is  a  thin and flexible  linear  module  suitable  for  outdoor  use. Featuring  a  number  of  different  length  choices, optimal diffusion and efficient light output, more units  can  be  integrated  consecutively  within curved  façades  or  other  bending  surfaces  for decorative  lighting  effect  with  invariable  pixel pitch for a uniform visual layout.

GRAPH-i-DOT  is  an  ultra  compact  module fitted with  5  mid-power  RGB LEDs,  available  either  with  a clear flat diffuser,  for  ultra  luminous  spot  light performances,  or  with  an  opaline dome  for  a soft light effect and better  peripheral  visibility. Supplied  in  chains  of  up to 85  units  each,  Graph-i- DOT is the ideal solution to screen low resolution video files  and  graphic  patterns  and  can  be  run, alternatively  to  DMX  RDM  control,  via  GData (Griven protocol).
Specific  for  architectural  projects  demanding for  powerful though  sustainable performance, ONYX XQ features an incomparably functional,  ultra-spot,  sharp,  long-shot  beam  of light  capable  of  reaching  remote spots and outlining large scale buildings with  amazing  precision  and  top tier light quality.
Featuring cubical or cylindrical housings,  ORPHEO  S  and  R  are  wall-mount diffusers  whose  single  (downwards)  or  double (downwards  and  upwards)  vertical  light  shafts provide  elegant  accent  lighting  effects.  The newly upgraded version of this product can be fitted with 12 or 24 LEDs , whereas digitally controlled  RGBW,  monochrome  or  white  LEDs configurations,  combined  with  different  optics choices,  give  maximum  chromatic  adaptability. 
Sharing with clients and visitors marketing materials, opinions and technical know-how, everybody had a lot of fun along with our colleagues of the sister companies .hess and Vulkan, with whom we enjoyed a high-impact stand in Hall 5.0, as well as with those of LAMP Lighting, WILA, Schmitz, and Nordeon located in Hall 3.1. 
We had the opportunity to spend some quality time with visitors, also enjoying good food and drinks on dinners in their good company and having fun together.
See you again at L+B 2020!!