USA - Lights at the U.S. BANK STADIUM

U.S. Bank Stadium, new home to the Minnesota Vikings, opened in time for its first regular season game in September 2016. Inspired by traditional Nordic architecture, the angular geometry of the building and asymmetrically slanted roof are specially designed to shelter supporters from the city’s legendary harsh winter climate. The $1.1 billion fixed roof stadium in downtown Minneapolis serves double duty by also hosting the University of Minnesota’s college baseball team during the off-season. Future events at the stadium include the Super Bowl in 2018, and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four in 2019. 
Seventy-one City Elements modular light columns by HessAmerica in nine different configurations ranging from 14’ to 30’ heights have been installed in the pedestrian areas all around the iconic structure to provide the functional and decorative illumination required for its outdoor space.
The modular nature of City Elements allowed the appointed designers to store several functions within the columns, freeing up space and reducing visual clutter. Externally mounted Wi-Fi was added onsite to selected columns throughout the area to provide an enhanced connectivity experience to the many supporters during all the events. Moreover, the columns located close to the building entrances were equipped with externally mounted accent flood lights to increase illumination in those high traffic areas.
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