France - Holy Lights in Chatillon

Born in the Champagne countryside presumably in 1042, Eudes de Châtillon became the 159th pope under the name of Urban II. Before becoming a Benedictine monk at the Abbey of Cluny, Eudes was first a canon and archdeacon in Reims. He was the promoter of the first crusade towards Jerusalem in 1095, started with the intention to liberate Jerusalem and the Holy Sepulcher from the Saracens, while assisting the Christians left isolated in those areas. 
At a Catholic congress held in Mechelen in 1863 it was suggested that a huge statue of Urban II should be erected in his native land. The works began in 1879. The statue is composed of 80 blocks of Kersanton granite, a Breton stone that were brought to Châtillon on ox carriages. Urbain II was beatified in 1881 by Pope Leo XIII. His statue in Châtillon was inaugurated on July 21, 1887. It dominates the valley of the Marne along with the 22 villages surrounding the Champagne vineyard with its height of 33 meters  (9 meters for the statue + pedestal). 
Highlighted by a concept developed by Prolum and fixtures installed by Tekliss, the statue of Pope Urban II reveals his imposing blessing gesture with the help of a Powershine MK2 D RGBW equipped with an Extra Wide optics for the valley side and a Coral RGBW projector equipped with a medium beam lens on the East side.
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Design: Prolum
installation: Tekliss
GRIVEN exclusive distributor for France: Freevox