The Netherlands - An environmental friendly renewal process

After a period of economic and social decline, which started in the 1970s, Hoogvliet, a satellite town of Rotterdam, kick-started towards the early 1990s a long-term, wide-ranging programme of physical and social regeneration. The strategy adopted combined physical renewal using high environmental standards with social and economic support measures to help transform the image of the whole area.
Within this environmental friendly restoring programme, the Municipality of Rotterdam commissioned about ten years ago the lighting of the metro-viaduct near the "Tussenwater" station in Hoogvliet, with the main target of creating an attractive living environment within this suburban area. The usage of some CDM-T 150W lamps revealed to be an unsustainable solution, mainly due to the difficult maintenance that kind of installation required, as the lighting could only be accessed by water and after a short period just 25% of the installed discharge lamps were still working.
In order to find out an eco-friendly, long lasting solution, the Municipality of Rotterdam charged at the end of 2008 the Dutch company Van Lieshout Elektra b.v. with the installation of a dynamic LED lighting system. This should have been able to meet environmental friendly and low maintenance requirements, allowing at the same time a highly decorative illumination output. 48 GRIVEN Dawn FC were successfully installed by Van Lieshout Elektra on both sides of each pillar of the 300 m long viaduct. Fitted with the latest cutting edge LED technology and using high brightness and high efficiency 3W full-colour LEDs, DAWN FC offers low power consumption and a long light source life, giving virtually maintenance free operation. Light weight and compact size are additional bonuses that grant easy installation and extreme manageability. In this case, 4 different colour sequences selections can be activated by a yearly clock. The current dynamic programme offers by daylight an alternation of bright colours that cross-fade slowly, replaced at night by a static array of hues. The two remaining programme slots can be used to offer an alternative sequence on special festive occasions.
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