Spain - Enchanting Encants

Nordeon Group international projects
As part of the Nordeon Group, we would like to share with our readers international projects finalized by our sister companies around the world. This month we will focus on the newly acquired company LAMP Lighing and one of its latest installations in Barcelona, Spain.
Located in the “Fira de Bellcaire”, the new market Encants Barcelona, better known as “Encants Vells”, has been recently built to facilitate the implementation of the Metropolitan General Plan modifications in the surroundings of Glories, an initiative aimed at improving the public transport system and the facilities management in the area.
The architectural studio in charge of the project, b720, designed a multifunctional platform  arranged on different levels, which is suitable for the different kinds of commercial activities of the market. Conceived as a large covered, but at the same time open-air square, this new facility offers year-round weather protection while keeping an easy-going, outdoor market atmosphere. 

Main distinctive feature of the construction, the artistic cover of the market is made up of structural modules with different inclinations, which, reflecting lights, features and moods of the city on their metal cladding, become an integral part of it.   
Being the market structure a completely open space, natural light seeps in through the huge cover bouncing on it and reflecting its shades on its golden surface. The required artificial illumination had to present the same light uniformity to deliver an appealing look to the whole structure at night, too. 500 direct lighting SHOT spotlights by LAMP Lighting with different optics and powers were installed in the market place according to the different areas to light up. In addition, an array of STEP AIR luminaires with 1x80W custom powers were installed in the market stalls to complete the required lighting scheme.
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Project credits:
Architect: b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos
Lighting Designer: artec3 Maurici Ginés
Technical Architect: Projects & Facilities Managements
Devoloper: Barcelona d'Infraestructures Municipals (BIMSA), (Ayuntamiento de Barcelona)
Constructor: OHL
Facilities Engineering: Grupo JG
Structure: BOMA
Facilites Management: EXCOVER - MANEL AVILES
LAMP Lighting solutions: Shot and Step Air luminaires