Iran - BAM looks better in the Darc Night

Shortlisted in the “Best Exterior Lighting Scheme – Low Budget” category of the 2016 Darc Awards, the BAM Administrative Building of Teheran (Iran) stands out for its peculiar architectural structure. Celebrating the best in creative lighting design for any exterior architectural lighting scheme, this Darc Awards’ category perfectly embraces the appealing lighting concept created for this unique building.
Shaped like a modern sculpture, the BAM Administrative Building recalls ancient archetypes and ascetic symbolisms deeply rooted in the thousand-year old culture of this country. Rotating around its axis, the tower stretches towards the sky with an increasing rhythm, while creating a deep connection between the city and its surroundings. The appointed lighting designers’ team wanted to emphasize both the modern architectural features of the building and their ancestral symbolic meaning through a clever usage of static light and vibrant colour. 
The lighting scheme was therefore meant to highlight the tower on two different levels: an even background colour redefined the building contours with an unchanging, intense shade of deep blue, while vibrant flames of orange light enlivened some selected parts of it delivering a vivid sense of motion.
We are therefore proud to contribute to this prestigious project with our lighting fixtures and wish our dealer Prolight all the best for this stimulating architectural lighting award, which will be handed out on September, 15 in London on the occasion of the Darc Night.

Project: Bam Administrative Building
Location: Tehran, Iran
Lighting Design: RGE Lighting Design, UAE
Client: BAM Group
Architect: BAM Architect Group, UAE