Nordeon Group International projects

As part of the Nordeon Group, we would like to share with our readers international projects finalized by our sister companies around the world. This month we will focus on WILA and one of its latest indoor lighting intallations in Oxford, UK.

UK- Architectural accent lighting by WILA in Oxford
Located close to the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter in Oxford, the Blavatnik School of Government has been recently shortlisted for the RIBA Stirling Prize 2016 owing to its peculiar architectural features.
Different custom WILA LED luminaires were specifically developed for the indoor lighting of this building  in cooperation with architects Herzog & de Meuron and consultants Hoare Lea to meet the architectural brief.
Together with the WILA team they created a full portfolio of luminaires in perfect harmony with the circular shape of the construction, capable of offering an aesthetically decorative and, at the same time, highly functional performance.
Focal point of the building, the spiral staircase was illuminated by an array of Halo Pendants. Halo is a 200mm diameter direct/indirect lighting luminaire, installed in this particular case with custom length rod suspensions and specific fixing details according to its different location on the sloped ceiling of the spiral staircase. 
The two horseshoe-shaped lecture theatres located on the ground floor of Blavatnik School were equipped with recessed Halo 450mm circular luminaires.  These fittings use a low glare micro-prismatic optics capable of offering a high efficacy performance.
The cellular office spaces around the perimeter of the upper floors were lit up with the help of Halo surface mount luminaires, a product evolution deriving from the cooperation with the project team, a further evidence of WILA extreme versatility and flexibility. 
Location: University of Oxford - Blavatnik School of Government
Architect: Herzog & de Meuron
Lighting Designer: Hoare Lea
Photographer: Redshift Photography
Halo Pendant 650mm Diameter
Halo Recessed 395mm & 450mm Diameter
Halo Pendant 200mm Diameter
Halo Pendant 450mm Diameter