One colourful night in Bernburg

As a result of the growing cooperation between the sister companies Hess and GRIVEN, aimed at further developing both companies’ brand awareness among old and new clients, a successful one-night light show was organized at the beginning of March by the German firm in Bernburg (Saxony-Anhalt). Hess GmbH Light + Form, a leading global manufacturer of innovative, attractive outdoor lighting and street furniture based in Villingen-Schwenningen, presented in front of some hundred guests GRIVEN’s innovative solutions for dynamic architectural lighting.
The fascinating Bernburg Castle was chosen as ideal location for the event in order to show “live” to a curious professional audience the amazing performance of our powerful wall washers.  Built on a sandstone cliff above the river Saale, Bernburg Castle, mainly built in Renaissance style, is completely preserved and still remains one of the oldest and major architectural attractions of Bernburg.
A selection of GRIVEN’s most powerful wall washers - Powershine MK2 S and D, Emerald, Onyx and Coral - were located at a considerable distance in front of the castle on the premises of the hydroelectric power plant of the city. These high-performing LED luminaires had to deliver to the onlookers the idea of the amazing results in terms of light output and even colour distribution they can achieve on large-scale façades and remote spots. Attracted by the festive atmosphere, many citizens joined the official guests of the event at the foot of the castle. They enjoyed together the dynamic lightshow, accompanied by a smooth background music and by a rich buffet, which brought a new lease of life, even if just for one night, to this beautiful venue. 
Products used:
- Emerald RW SP WW
- Emerald RW NA WW
- Coral WW SP
- Coral WW NA 
- Powershine MK2 S NA RW
- Powershine MK2 D SP/WI RW
- Powershine MK2 S WL DW
- Onyx RW