Lighting up the 2016 edition of Luminale

The 2016 edition of “Luminale”, the Light+Building parallel light art festival, has been able to create a visual connection between the exhibition grounds and the surrounding urban spaces using the power of light and colour. Over 200 innovative light installations, projects and sculptures by international artists and designers have transformed buildings, bridges, churches, industrial plants and parks of Frankfurt am Main into luminous artworks capable of delivering a peculiar allure to the city.
On this occasion, GRIVEN has supported the lighting design consultancy MAASS-Licht and, with the help of an array of  Powershine MK2 S RGBW, has amazingly wall washed the ING-DiBa building, located right opposite the Messe Frankfurt, with an impressive wave of light. Provisionally installed at the base of the building, the Powershine MK2 S units have easily reached the top of the building with a uniform light distribution capable of surprising the many onlookers with its bright and lively colours.
Moreover, the ING-DiBa organization has invited during the 6 days of the exhibition its enthusiastic visitors - come with cameras, tripods and mobile phones to take a picture of the beautifully enlightened building - to interact with light and architecture, becoming part of a unique light event by projecting their faces on to a huge pixel screen. The dynamic colour changing effects on the ING-DiBa building have therefore been completed by a trendy and popular multimedia interaction.

Let’s then meet up again at the next Light+Building and Luminale on March 18 to 23, 2018!!