Italy - A perfect blend of nature and architecture

Lande SPA is an Italian company specialized in environmental restoration and mitigation, historical and urban green areas,  archeology and environmental services. A pioneer in ground breaking bioengineering techniques and tree surgery, Lande SPA is leader in the recovery of archaeological parks and monuments as well as in the enhancement of natural, urban, industrial and cultural-historical landscapes.
As the company wanted to deliver its professional expertise and level of excellence in the field of environmental engineering, landscaping, design, monitoring and remediation in an original way, they had the idea to use the façade of their headquarters to communicate their skills to a targeted audience.
Conceived by the lighting designer Marco Tremigliozzi, the lighting concept of the new headquarters of Lande Spa was aimed at creating a high impact visual communication strategy through a clever usage of light, colours and images. The building should become a medium to communicate the core business of the company in a direct and at the same time inspired way. 
“What could then represent this concept better than a perfect blend of nature and architecture? These were the elements that inspired me to create spectacular effects obtained with the projection of natural elements on the façade of the company headquarters, beautifully enhanced by a dynamic colour changing system. Bright colours, natural symbols and targeted scenarios in amazing synergy have created a strong brand identity in an artistic way” asserts Marco Tremigliozzi.
The desired wall washing effect has been obtained with 7 units of Emerald in RGBW colour configuration with extra wide optics capable of delivering a perfect colour distribution on the building façade. 2 units of Dune MC RGBW with medium optics have been located at the entrance door to enhance its depth while 2 units of Gobostorm have been employed to reproduce a huge tree, symbol of the company philosophy. In order to obtain the required effect, two Gobostorm units have been positioned in front of the building in order to form the tree shape with two overlapping gobos. One more Gobostorm unit fitted with a Lande company logo has been positioned on the rear side of the building to complete the required lighting scheme. 
A smart opportunity for advertising, logo or image creation in any outdoor urban environment, GOBOSTORM is a fully weatherproofed IP65 rated high power zoom optics gobo projector which can project images with high brightness and clarity. The high power lamp gives the ability to project at long distances or to create enormous impact when used for closer projections. GOBOSTORM has on-board dip-switch panel for digital data assignment and stand alone operation control. These functions can alternatively be operated from an external digital controller for a maximum of 1 channel of DMX. The zoom and focus are manually set and the projection angle range can be extended by the narrow and wide lens options allowing a great flexibility with image size and projection distance. GOBOSTORM is designed for easy installation and programming, together with reliability even in the harshest weather conditions. 
Products installed:
7 x AL2541A Emerald RGBW Extra wide
2 x AL4012 Dune MC RGBW medium
3 x GR0466 Gobostorm 
2 x GR0590 Gobostorm  Zoom 21°/38°
3 x LP0997 MSD 575 Lamp
2 x AL4170 OWTW Kreso WW Wide
1 x AL1424 Wall-Tsc
1 x AL1321 Infrared Remote Control
2 x custom tree gobos and 1 x custom company logo gobo
Lighting Design: Marco Tremigliozzi
Architectural project: Arch. Oreste Principe
Pictures: Marco Tremigliozzi