We are big in Japan

Seasonal illumination has become a very popular attraction in Japan. It is frequently used both to further emphasize, in different periods of the year, the beauty of the many shrines, temples and historical architectures, which flourish in this artistically generous country, or bring a new lease of life into the many bustling metropolis or smaller cities with dynamic and colourful image projections. In 2014, GRIVEN’s authorized dealer for Japan, the company Lightcosmo CO. LTD, has proudly contributed to enhance monuments and buildings of this wonderful country both with wall washing effects and diverse gobo projections.

Usually drawing huge crowds, Christmas luminaries are typically displayed from November to New Year’s Eve everywhere in Japan, especially in Tokyo, where eye-catching Christmas decorations are really made to amaze. Tokyo Skytreetown® (Sumida-Ku, Tokyo, Japan) - a multifunctional, vibrant “town in town” hosting cultural, entertainment, business and commercial facilities - along with its surroundings go into Christmas mode every year from the beginning of November, showing the Tokyo Skytree - the world's tallest TV antenna - and the German-inspired Solamachi Christmas Market at their best. To complete the gorgeous illumination of this area, a series of gobo projections in true Japanese style has been displayed by Lightcosmo CO. LTD with the help of GoboLED 80 D and Gobostorm Plus MK2.

On the occasion of the Pink Ribbon national initiatives in Omiya Sonic-city (Saitama-City, Saitama, Japan) and at Toda-chuo General Hospital (Toda-City, Saitama, Japan), a multitude of pink ribbons have been projected by GoboLED 80 D and Gobostorm Plus MK2 to cherish and strengthen this international symbol of breast cancer awareness. Pink Ribbon Inc. is an internationally operating charity organization aimed at creating a global community to support breast cancer patients, survivors and their families all over the world organizing campaigns that help the community by collecting funding for breast cancer research. 

Other gobo projector installations, like the ones at Tokorozawa Farman Street mall (Tokorozawa-City, Saitama, Japan) and Otemachi Kawabata city park (Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan), based on GoboLED 80 D and Gobostorm Plus MK2 projectors, witness once again the effectiveness of advertising image projections within commercial areas and of entertainment dynamic imagery in urban areas.

With all the renowned, uncountable advantages of the single powerful LED that is fitted with, the IP65 rated GoboLED 80 D projects a bright and accurate rendition of graphic designs or logos in outdoor and  indoor locations with the help of a dichroic or metal gobo, providing with maximum creativity, dynamism and flexibility the most demanding design and application requirements. Projecting changing images plus colour changes in combination with other special effects, Gobostorm Plus MK2, an IP65 high power zoom optics gobo projector, is an authentic opportunity for advertising, logo or image creation in any outdoor or indoor environment.

Beside these lively gobo projections capable of changing the city identity by means of an infinite choice of solutions, Lightcosmo CO. LTD has also been called to light up historically and artistically important sites, such as Jofuku Park (Singu-City, Wakayama, Japan) and Kamikura Shrine (Singu-City, Wakayama, Japan).

Located in Shingu - Wakayama Prefecture, Jofuku Park is a memorial park dedicated to a legendary young Chinese hero sent to Japan by the first emperor of China to look for the source of eternal youth. According to the legend, Jofuku found a local healing plant called Tendaiuyaku (Lindera Strychnifolia) and decided to settle in Shingu attracted by the warm climate, beautiful landscape and kind local people to teach them Chinese advanced skills in agriculture, fishing, weaving and paper making. The Chinese style entrance gate at Jofuku Park shines now in bright colours lit up by 4 units of Zaphir RGBW.

Located on Mount Kamikura, Kamikura Shrine (Singu-City, Wakayama, Japan) is  part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range". To reach the shrine, believers must climb 538 steep steps built by assembling natural stones, but they will be surely rewarded as this popular spiritual location is said to give strength and energy to body and soul of its many visitors. 6 units of Emerald RGBW have been installed there to make visible this beautiful site from far away.

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