France – A decorative and functional lighting for Lencloitre multimedia center

Located in the arrondissement of Vienne in Western France, Lencloître is a small town counting less than 2,500 people, that, owing to its optimal tourist location, offers a well developed infrastructural system. The manifold nearby medieval villages and castles, Romanic churches and abbeys, artistic masterpieces not to mention the amazing rural landscapes, attract every year a remarkable amount of tourists to this renowned district.

Among its vast entertainment and cultural offer, Lencloître boosts a well organized multimedia center, equipped with a congress hall, which can be fitted according to the needs of the small but bustling village activities.  The auditorium features a standard platform seating and telescopic bleachers along with sliding side panels, which allow the utmost flexibility. The hall can therefore be adapted to the most different requirements, from seminars to live concerts, from banquets and parties to meetings and reunions.

With a seating capacity ranging from 350 to 650 spectators, the multimedia congress hall of Lencloître delivers to its audience a pleasant atmosphere further enhanced  by a newly installed high quality lighting system. To develop a coherent illumination mood throughout the hall, the French company SARL Prisme has chosen the right mix of Griven indoor luminaires. Supplied by Griven’s exclusive distributor for France, the company CSI of Fresnes, 22 units of Amira 16 and 18 units of Aisha have been installed on ceiling and walls of the auditorium. "Owing to the unquestionable quality and versatility of Griven indoor luminaires, we managed to obtain a refined illumination with 100% dimming capability and to provide the conference hall with a state-of-the-art functional and decorative lighting system" asserts Nicolas Herengt, lighting project manager in SARL Prisme.

With its modern and catchy design, AMIRA is a stylish spotlight fitted with 16 warm, natural or cool white LEDs, suitable for direct wall and ceiling installations. Vertical and horizontal rotations allow for multidirectional light output orientation and supreme flexibility. Assorted optics selection and white colour temperature variety, as well as grey or white finish choice, are available options.

AISHA, a refined series of LED suspended downlights that can be mounted at different distances from the ceiling, is available in a cylindrical or cuboidal shape and comes with a white, black or grey matt finish. Along with a range of different light outputs, a selection of natural, warm or cool white colour temperature can be chosen. The optics variety offers interior designers the opportunity of crafting manifold combinations where efficiency, functionality and creativity meet at their best.

Designed and engineered for the most demanding needs within the field of interior lighting design, GRIVEN’s innovative series of energy-efficient LED lights for indoor ambiences features recessed luminaires, suspended downlights, spotlights, wall and ceiling mount fittings, linear modules and walk-on fixtures. Available in different shape, size and light output, these units reveal a compact and minimalist design that makes them suitable both for modern and classic interior applications.

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