Ireland - Dublin City University enlightened by a new experience

Recognized as centre of academic excellence in education and research, Dublin City University (DCU) is Ireland’s university of Enterprise. Situated on an 85 acre active and rewarding campus, which is full of student life, sports and leisure facilities, DCU has grown rapidly in scale and performance since being established as a university in 1989. With the city just a 10-minute bus drive away, students of DCU have the best of both worlds; the social and cultural benefits of city life, but with the security and vibrancy of a university campus built very much for today.

With a determination to hold the position as Ireland’s most innovative and market driven university, DCU is now actively involved in a renovation plan based on the cooperation with GRIVEN’s authorized dealer for Ireland, the company WINK LIGHTING. As a first part of a bigger illumination project yet to be completed, the University of Dublin has promoted a new lighting design for its acronym’s tridimensional structure located at the entrance gate of the campus. Some units of GRIVEN PARADE S-RGBW RECESSED linear modules have been chosen by WINK designers’ team in order to light up with bright colours the symbol of DCU.  “Any design is only as good as its implementation, and at Wink we believe that effective project management is a sine qua non for success on any project. Each project is unique in its context and objectives; and should therefore be treated as such” states Rocky Wall, design team leader at WINK with 20 years in the lighting industry. Over the years, Wink designers and project managers have developed a unique methodology to ensure that architects, designers and clients are given the fullest possible support during the design and implementation phases of their project.

PARADE S-RGBW RECESSED is a modular, super flux, high luminance recessed linear LED module that, featuring an IP67 weather protection along with a compact size and a light weight manageability, can be installed in-ground for use in pedestrian areas. A truly comfortable set up is guaranteed by the total absence of external power supply box requirement. Fitted with 20 or 40 LEDs grouped in clusters of 4 LEDs each, this recessed bar delivers superb output and real uniform colour coverage purposely on close-up installations. The combination of RGBW LEDs featured and the photometric distribution efficiency offer an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality, as well as a wider variety of intermediate colour hues.

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