Finland - Light and shadow at the presidential residence

Located next to Helsinki on the waterfront of the Gulf of Finland, Mäntyniemi is the first official residence built specifically for the President.  ”Oksisto” (Branches – Light and Shadow) is a work of art created by the renowned Finnish artists Helena Hietanen and Jaakko Niemelä, winners of a competition expressly announced to enrich the presidential residence with the best creations of painters, designers and sculptors from all over Finland. According to the design of these artists, nude tree branches have been carved into the granite pavement of the yard, recalling the typical northern woods of birches. Embedded bronze sheets equally engraved in branch and leaf shape allow to complete the design with alternative colour shades.

During the long, dark season the same intersecting patterns are beautifully reproduced by lines of light projected onto the carved surface of the pavement of the presidential residence by some units of GOBOSTORM. Supplied by GRIVEN’s authorized dealer for Finland, the company IDEAFIX Oy, these image projectors create a magic atmosphere enhancing with games of light and shadow this bas-relief.

GOBOSTORM is a fully weatherproofed (IP65) outdoor use high power zoom optics gobo projector. Using a 575W metal halide lamp with a high precision optical group, GOBOSTORM can project images with high brightness and clarity. The high power lamp gives the ability to project at long distances or to create enormous impact when used for closer projections. GOBOSTORM has on-board dip-switch panel for digital data assignment and stand alone operation control. These functions can alternatively be operated from an external digital controller for a maximum of 1 channel of DMX. The zoom and focus are manually set and the projection angle range can be extended by the narrow and wide lens options. This gives much flexibility with image size and projection distance. GOBOSTORM is designed for easy installation and programming, together with reliability even in the harshest weather conditions. This is a new opportunity for advertising, logo or image creation, in any outdoor urban environment.

Lighting specified:
Gobostorm IP66  575W, optional optics zoom 21°-38°

For further info please contact:
Ideafix Oy

Design: Helena Hietanen - Jaakko Niemelä
Branches – Light and Shadow, 2011
Sandblast, gobo-lights, bronze
The Finnish State Art Collection
Photo: Jussi Tiainen  
Stone processing: sculptor Matti Peltokangas, Tuomas Peltokangas and Jaakko Niemelä