Powershine MK2 edition: now more powerful than ever!

POWERSHINE MK2 D and S, using respectively a total of 192 and 96 powerful RGBW LEDs, are the technologically advanced editions of their well renowned architectural wall washer forerunners, whose significantly enhanced output performance will set the industry standard bar higher. POWERSHINE MK2 D, with its double cluster configuration, offers full independent digital control of each LED bank. Both releases are available with a vast choice of optics for the maximum lighting design flexibility. The combination of RGBW LEDs provides an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality, as well as a wider variety of intermediate colour hues for an even broader range of application purposes. The pure white light spectrum intensity management obtainable from the Dynamic White model, that adds up to the cool or warm white LEDs set-up, creates a stunning visual rendering of warm tones, natural hues and cool shades altogether, thus offering an unmatched control over the creation of a vast range of the white light chromatic scale.
Both models are available also in the Polar Edition featuring an integrated de-icing system with electrically heated glass, which assures a comfortable functioning even in the utmost severe cold weather conditions.