France - A brand new sound and light show at the “Grottes de Chorance”

Located in the gorgeous setting of the Natural Park of Vercors (France) at the foot of the high Presles cliffs, “Grottes de Choranche” owe their worldwide reputation to their renowned, extremely beautiful “soda straws”, a kind of very thin and fragile stalactite made of limestone, whose formation is caused by an exceptionally rare phenomenon. 

Carved by hydro-chemical and hydraulic erosion, these beautiful caves were cut into a massive karst (limestone outcrop) by underground streams and offer now a breathtaking view made up of natural subterranean rivers and emerald lakes, cascades, caves and cavities, labyrinths of tunnels, primitive rock formations, serpentines and, of course, the many soda straws clusters.   During the guided tour it is also possible to see the olm, an early form of amphibian survived since the age of the dinosaurs. 

Discovered in 1871, the Chorance caves had been lit up with a static white light concept since 2009. At the beginning of 2012 it was decided to provide them with a brand new sound and light show perfectly orchestrated within a specific area of the caves. Due to  the 98% humidity rate, richness in gas and chemical solutions, the fittings to be chosen had necessarily to comply with the highest safety and reliability requirements. Among other equipment, three different lighting fixtures by GRIVEN were selected by the appointed specifiers - Blue Fox Production - to complete the illumination system of the site. Multiple Micro-Dive MK2, Micro-Dune MK2 and  WaterLED units were therefore installed within the caves for the perfect achievement  of what has been classified as an unconditional astounding effect.

WaterLED and Micro-Dive MK2 are high quality LED colour changers, specifically engineered for underwater applications, with an IP68 (Full Dry) protection rating that makes them suitable for a huge variety of submerged lighting installations even in chlorine water and marine environment.  Micro-Dune MK2 is a super compact full colour LED colour changer specific for exterior recessed applications, that features an IP67 weather protection rating and a 2000 kg deadweight load capacity.
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