China - Shenzhen OCT Bay: a show beyond every entertainment experience

The OCT Bay  in Shenzhen is one of the world’s biggest amusement and shopping complex and South China’s most trendy urban entertainment destination. Among the amazing attractions of the OCT Bay, the Wetland, with its 40,000 square meters of mangrove forest and 100 species of rare birds, deserves a particular mention as an officially recognized national ecological protected area. Considered China’s only inner city coastal mangrove wetlands area, the OCT Wetland, along with its bird watching pavillon and other eco-tourism and environmental education facilities, has been specifically designed to achieve year-round interaction with the public.

When night falls,  OCT BAY offers visitors and clients the unmissable chance to witness a gorgeous multi-media water show while enjoying food and wine at the many restaurants and bars of the bay. The world’s largest multi-media water show theater, the OCT Harbor Water Show Theatre, is located on the shore of the scenic Heart Lake and occupies an area of nearly 10,000 square meters.  Every evening, up to 5,000 spectators can celebrate the return of the birds in this imposing scenario dedicated to the mangrove forest. Covering an area of 5,600 square meters, the world’s largest aquatic stage brings about a representation of the forces of nature in a 38-minutes multimedia show, named “Mangrove Groove”, staging the four elements merged with the magic of light, sound, colour, water-jets, laser beams, ethnic music and ritual dances. The ECA2 team has been selected by OCT Bay to design and produce this impressive water show technically based on two 50-metre large water screens, hundreds of water jets, five geysers, fourteen large flames, six hundred underwater projectors, seven video projectors and five laser projectors.

The appointed lighting designers needed for this challenging project performing and reliable submersible lighting fixtures, that could be able to withstand the power of the many water jets  and resist the most different weather conditions for long periods, as the show is performed 365 days a year, twice a day during the weekends and the public holidays. After severe trial tests, 144 WaterLED units have been successfully installed within the OCT bay theatre in order to support the dynamic lighting schemes of this stunning multimedia show.

Perfectly fulfilling the latest market requirements, WaterLED is a high quality RGB LED colour changer, specifically engineered for underwater applications. WaterLED’s RGB colour mixing system, using high brightness and efficiency LEDs, is shared with the other LED fixtures of the GRIVEN range offering the same innumerable benefits and control options. Developed to meet the increasing demand for lighting fittings to be used in fountains, WaterLED, with its stainless steel housing, features an IP68 (Full Dry) protection rating and is the ideal choice for a huge variety of other submerged lighting installations even in chlorine water and marine environment. Various models are available with different beam angle options.

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