South Korea - Incheon bridge: crossing the bounds of white

Rated among the ten wonders of the construction world, the cable-stayed bridge on the west coastal highway connecting the city of Incheon, near Seoul, to Incheon International Airport is one of the longest fixed-link sea crossings in the world. Stretching 12.3 km across the Yellow Sea, the whole Incheon bridge includes South Korea’s longest spanning cable-stayed bridge, with an 800m  span. The crossing is constructed in water up to 20m deep and is designed to withstand buffeting from typhoon-strength winds and substantial ship impact. Moreover, since the bridge is located in a known seismically-active region, it has been built following an innovative approach to the seismic design of the substructure. As a result of the cooperation between Korean and English bridge experts and construction companies, Incheon bridge not only has become a prestigious landmark and an exciting tourist attraction, but has led most importantly to a 40 minute reduction of travel time from southern areas of Seoul to Incheon airport.
When it was first opened in 2009, the longest marine bridge in Korea had been fitted with cool white light fixtures, which elegantly profiled the architectural contours of its cable-stayed pointed arches. A new dynamic lighting scheme was then urgently required to further enhance the initial white light design. The recent installation of 243 GRIVEN’s KOLORLINER units, promoted by GRIVEN’s exclusive distributor for South Korea,  CELL International Co. Ltd, draws eyes and attention towards the new, polychrome image of this imposing structure. KOLORLINER gives the opportunity to create colour change from white light fixtures using different wattage metal halide lamps. Its high weather protection makes it suitable for use in exterior applications, even on a structure like this designed to endure extremely harsh weather conditions.  The colour mixing system of this extremely flexible device, based on cyan, yellow and magenta dichroic filters, creates virtually unlimited colour hues, coupled with smooth blends between colour changes. Moreover, KOLORLINER has an internal colour controller for standalone operation, or can be controlled from any DMX512 control system for an optimal colour scenes management.
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