Russia -Tyumen Federal Arbitration Court illumination swinging like a flag in the Russian wind

Recently chosen to renovate the illumination system of Tyumen Federal Arbitration Court in the Western Siberian region of Russia, GRIVEN’s POWERSHINE S and D colour changers scored another striking success.
Primarily intended to reduce the high power consumption of  the previous discharge lamp based lighting system, a brand new LED lighting installation was sought in order to allow the implementation of an impressively powerful and dynamic lighting concept at significantly reduced costs.
After consulting DSL Ltd. - GRIVEN’s  exclusive distributor for Russia - RESERVE Ltd., the Tyumen-based company in charge of the lighting concept, engineering and installation of this prestigious project, chose POWERSHINE as the most appropriate and energy saving lighting solution. A total number of 28 POWERSHINE S and D units were therefore installed last July  onto five-meter-high multiple unit supports located at the 4 sides of the eleven story building.
Four of the optics available for the POWERSHINE series, with 6°, 10°, 24°, and 37° beam angles, definitely met the optical parameters needed and concurred in easily reaching the prefixed lighting scheme, which visually divides the building façade and sides into horizontal and vertical lighting sectors.
In addition to offering an astonishing white light output quality, the combination of RGBW LEDs of these powerful colour changers also features a wide variety of intermediate colour hues and an unprecedented reliability when it comes to even colour distribution. A pure white represents the everyday hue chosen for this institutional building, whilst the colours of the flag of the Russian Federation - white, blue and red - along with an array of dynamic games of light and shades, are reserved to enliven public holidays.
As a final result, the total renovation of the lighting system of the Federal Arbitration Court significantly reduced operating costs with no need to replace the mains source, passing from  a general consumption of 60kW to 15kW at maximum light intensity. 
Lighting concept, engineering, installation: RESERVE Ltd., Tyumen
Consulting: DSL Ltd.
Lighting specified:
8x AL2190 6° OPTICS
28x AL2192 10° OPTICS
8x AL2194 24° OPTICS
4x AL2196 37° OPTICS