Romania - The Hotel Ramada Pitesti boosts a new look

Located in Pitesti (Romania), the Ramada Pitesti is the most modern hotel of its kind in the whole country and it most probably features the only real permanent architectural lighting set-up in Romania in this moment. Only 900 meters away from Davila Theatre and Primariei Square , the Hotel Ramada offers a first class service to all its guests, who can now enjoy also a newly born interior and exterior illumination scheme.
Batteries of GRIVEN’s DANUBE MK2, DUNE MK2 and DAZE were installed outside and inside the hotel to skilfully enhance its contours following an unusual but refined lighting concept. Specifically designed for exterior recessed applications even in vehicled areas, the newly restyled DUNE MK2 is now based on a combination of RGBW LEDs offering an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality as well as a wider variety of intermediate colour hues for an even broader range of application purposes. Units of DUNE MK2 have been embedded in front of the squared pillars of the façade of the Ramada Pitesti Hotel, offering a pleasant coloured view of the whole hotel’s entrance. With its compact size and low weight assisting easy installation, a number of DANUBE MK2 units have been fixed on the upper and lower corners of the building to give an unexpected three-dimensional perspective to the structure at night.
“I’ve been very happy to work at this project along with a team of highly qualified professionals” asserts Sorin Stanescu, Managing Director of the company Prosound Impact. “ We are very satisfied with the final result and I would personally like to thank,  as a project contractor, Mr. Adrian Boaru, General Manager of Briliant Technologies Group, and  Mr. Mirel Petcu, Managing Partner at Sevensys Grup, the official installation company which allowed us to achieve this amazing result.”
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