France - A new lease of life for the fountain of Jouvence

Inspired by the myth of the Fountain of Youth, a legendary spring that reputedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks its waters, “La Fontaine de Jouvence” in Puteaux (France) has recently been rejuvenated by a multicoloured, dynamic underwater illumination system.
4J Événements, the company in charge of the lighting installation of the fountain, has chosen with the help of CSI, GRIVEN’s Exclusive Distributor for France, the best solution for this project. After the necessary renovations of the square in front of the city hall, la Fountaine de Jouvence has been sparkling in coloured lights since last July. A DMX programmable lighting system based on submerged LED fixtures, GRIVEN’s WATERLED, reproduces every night a series of stunning dynamic lighting schemes highlighting, in alternative appealing sequences of bright colours, the dancing water jets patterns. Blue, white and red, the colours of the French flag, come up in various chains taking the lion’s share in a lighting show rich in dramatic and enjoyable effects. Installed directly into the fountain, 60 units of GRIVEN’s WATERLED superbly enhance not only the water jets but also the city hall of Puteaux itself, now a rediscovered entertainment and meeting point for the “Putéoliens”.
Perfectly fulfilling the latest market requirements, WATERLED is a high quality LED colour changer, specifically engineered for underwater applications. WATERLED’s RGB colour mixing system, using high brightness and efficiency LEDs, is shared with the other LED fixtures of the GRIVEN range offering the same innumerable benefits and control options.
Especially developed to meet the great demand for lighting fittings to be used in fountains, WATERLED, with its stainless steel housing, features an IP68 (Full Dry) weather protection rating and is the appropriate choice also for a huge variety of other lighting submerged installations. Various models are available with different beam angle options.
For further info please contact: CSI France
Lighting specified:
60x WaterLED