POWERSHINE: Shining all over the world...

Extreme versatility coupled with highly reliable performances and unprecedented astonishing light output quality and intensity have smoothed the way for the worldwide success of the POWERSHINE powerful exterior LED colour changer series. Used alone or in combination with other GRIVEN lighting fixtures, POWERSHINE S and POWERSHINE D have been playing for over a year the leading role in an array of noteworthy architectural lighting projects all over the world. No matter if ancient buildings, modern constructions, tourist attractions or city landmarks are involved: POWERSHINE always finds the perfect solution to each and every architectural background.
Historic buildings such as Le Fouquet’s renowned restaurant located in the Parisian Champs Elysées, the prestigious Old Vic Theatre in London and the Palace of Culture and Science of Warsaw have been strikingly revived by the powerful colours of POWERSHINE. Capable of meeting the needs of a global eco-friendly building strategy, the POWERSHINE series has also been chosen to enhance the most modern and sustainable shopping stores, like the Varena Shopping Centre in Austria and the Al-Kout Mall in Kuwait City.  Major tourist attractions like the ancient temples and monuments of the Indian city of Hyderabad or the Finnkirka rocks in Norway have been colourfully lit up by batteries of POWERSHINE S and D for the joy and amusement of tourists and travellers. Moreover, the POWERSHINE series has been chosen by enthusiastic lighting designers to strongly customize emblematic city landmarks such as the Russian Krasnodar TV tower, the Port Authority building and the Scientific Center  in Kuwait City or the Four Seasons Hotel in Doha, Qatar.
IP66 weather protection rated, the POWERSHINE series can truly turn the newly illuminated areas into signature locations for an unparalleled standard-defining architectural lighting achievement fulfilling at the same time the needs of an ever-growing environmental friendly awareness.