Turkmenistan - A colourful dancing fountain in the Caspian Sea

A theatrical interactive marine fountain has been recently opened at Turkmenistan's international seaside resort "Avaza", a brand new tourist center  which is still  being built on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Along with onshore fountains and a multifunctional amphitheatre, the main water feature attraction forms a vast recreational park area, which occupies over 8 hectares. Located directly in the Caspian sea at a distance of 185 meters from the shore, the fountain jets reach the height of over 100 meters. Forty two water jets form a dynamic screen with a radius of  26 meters. At night, the Avaza sea fountain is bewitchingly lit up by coloured underwater lights and powerful side floodlights. The dynamic fountain show can be closely seen by the enraptured guests of the Avaza  complex from the promenade purposely located directly in front of the fountain.
The 52 side floodlights, which light up the 120m wide and 125m high fountain complex, have been installed by the company Fountains International Trading into two separate booths set on side sea-platforms. Owing to their newly conceived optics coupled with high power HMI 4000W discharge lamps, the 52 KOLORADO 4000 units installed are capable of offering a powerful and reliable performance even in the utmost severe environmental conditions. Primarily designed for external architectural lighting, KOLORADO 4000 can easily highlight any building or structure, live performances or exhibitions to the greatest effect, optimally  fulfilling the needs of the most demanding lighting applications.
Combining a 75° wide angle high power flood light with the supplementary benefits of included 15° and 40° optic groups for assorted application purposes,  KOLORADO 4000 is fully equipped with an extraordinary electronic strobe effect that can generate up to 20 flashes per second. The unit has been fitted with a removable ballast set that can also be connected to optional 15 or 25 m extension cables for comfortable use on rental business. KOLORADO 4000 can be operated stand alone via a selection of in-built, pre-programmed colour blend sequences. Multiple units can be synchronized in this mode, with one unit acting as a master, or single or multiple units can be precisely controlled from six channels of standard DMX 512. Control set up is simplified by the on board LED display and push button setting. The aluminium and galvanized steel body and the scratch resistant polyurethane paint are part of a housing design, which is weatherproofed to a certified IP44 protection rate.
Technical information:
52 x Kolorado 4000

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