Qatar - Stars in their eyes

Launched in 2009, the Doha Tribeca Film Festival already plays a strategic role in supporting Doha Film Institute's (DFI) long term plans to build a sustainable film industry in Qatar. Kicked off on the 26th of October, the 5 days festival activities were distributed across several venues, with the Qatar Museum of Islamic Art as the main ground for the opening and closing nights. An impressive outdoor stage of 30 metres width, 32 metres depth and 18 metres height was used to accommodate the huge open-air screenings, the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and the closing night.
The Festival once again enlisted the talents of Creative Communication Group and their extensive collection of GRIVEN units to deliver the best in lighting performance for this major event in Doha’s cultural events calendar. With Doha bestowed the honour of serving as the cultural capital of the Middle East in 2010, the expectations were set high for this year’s Tribeca to be above and beyond the level set by previous year’s debut.
Creative Communication Group provided more than 1300 mixed fixtures from its extensive inventory for the Four Seasons Hotel screening venue and the opening night after-party held at the Pearl Qatar. Part of this massive lighting effort, once again designed and specified by Adam Bassett Design Limited, were 108 various GRIVEN units, including the new Powershine and Stroker LED fixtures.
 The new Powershine LED lighting fixtures, comprising 180 three watt full colour LEDs in a double cluster configuration, were used in Qatar for the first time at the festival, “We had 12 of them painting the Four Seasons Hotel, together with 12 Kolorstream HMI 2500, 24 Kaleido MSD 575W, 8 Kolorado 4000W and and 8 Kolorado MK2 HMI 2500W. The fixtures trounced all expectations. Everyone involved with lighting was pleasantly surprised by the performance  and quality of the units. From the designers and technicians to the attendees, the Powershine garnered a generous amount of praise. They truly gave the VIP screening venue a very special appearance.” Michael Khairallah, head of CCG lighting department, added. 
As exclusive GRIVEN dealers in Qatar, Creative Communication Group is perfectly poised for all large architectural lighting tasks. “They’re quite simply the best architectural lighting units out there, there is no comparison. For high caliber events like the Tribeca Film Festival only the best will do. As a company focused on delivering the highest standards of quality, we are proud to offer our clients a large selection of these world-class fixtures” continued Khairallah.
 “With over 280 GRIVEN units as part of the largest inventory of top-level sound and light equipment in the MENA region, we have not yet encountered a project beyond our abilities. Our GRIVEN Stroker and Powershine units are a most welcome addition to the fold, taking us to a whole new level in complex lighting projects like the DTFF” he concluded.
About Creative Communication Group
Since it was established in 1998, CCG has expanded to serve all aspects of the entertainment business in the Gulf region and the Middle East. It provides a wide range of products and services, and has pioneered world-class theatrical shows in Qatar by artists including Luciano Pavarotti and Jose Carreras, and staging grand operas and ballets by international touring companies including the Bolshoi Ballet.
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