France - A newly conceived lighting scheme for vente-privé

The French company vente-privé, the original “online sale events club”, will change its headquarters in mid-October, moving to a totally new building in Seine Saint Denis, which has been designed by Marc Farcy Architecte agency. The contemporary look of the over 12.000 m2 large building has been conceptually illuminated by the famous lighting designer Jean Philippe Corrigou, specializing in dynamic lighting. Corrigou required a straight forward solution that was easy to install and maintain and that would be cost efficient and energy efficient. Specifically, he was looking for waterproof, modular LED bars, which could be flexible enough to meet all his creative needs for this challenging lighting concept.
Comparative tests with competing products led to GRIVEN’s  Parade D-RGB-12, which is distributed in France by GRIVEN's Exclusive Distributor CSI France. "The product is great: just “plug and play”! Installers, who had never used this kind of lighting equipment before, were quickly able to handle it!” says Mr Corrigou. The appointed LD worked to create a suitable scheme for the exterior outline, which could enhance the geometrical pattern of the building.  Stretching out to a total of 150 linear meters, 67 Parade D-RGB-12 LED colour-changing bars were strategically embedded in rails in order to create a pleasing geometry repeating throughout the building façades. Designed for refined architectural decoration, the PARADE D-RGB-12 bars are super flux and high luminance colour changers for exterior use that incorporate state of the art electronic colour mixing. Superb output with real uniform colour coverage even on close-up installations is provided by the newly conceived elliptical optics that can capture a greater fraction of light with higher transmission efficiency. PARADE D-RGB-12 can be installed in any position and in any orientation, featuring an IP67 weather protection along with a compact size and light weight manageability.

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Photo credits: Daniel Gloton