Egypt - The sound and light show at Horus Temple

Once again GRIVEN’s LED lighting fixtures have been successfully employed in a sound and light show aimed at enhancing, by night, a cultural and artistic masterpiece of Egypt: the Temple of Horus in Edfu. Batteries of Stroker and Danube units have been installed at the world famous archaeological site located on the river Nile.
The Temple of Horus in Edfu is considered the best-preserved cult temple in Egypt. Built before Christ during the Ptolemaic era, it exactly reflects traditional Pharaonic architecture, providing an excellent idea of how all the temples must have once looked. The falcon-headed Horus was originally the sky god, later assimilated into the popular myth of Isis and Osiris as the divine couple's child. Covered and protected by desert sand and human settlement debris over the centuries, Edfu temple was found almost completely intact  by Auguste Mariette in the 1860s. A very popular destination, Edfu is nowadays included in virtually all Egyptian tour itineraries. In 2005, a visitor centre and paved parking lot were added to the south side of the temple and in late 2006 a sophisticated lighting system was added to allow night visits, while in 2010 a Sound & light Show completed the tourist attractiveness of the archeological site.
Different colours combinations were chosen for the Edfu temple by the artistic directors of this lighting project - Friedrich Förster and Sabine Weissinger, Casa Magica, Tübingen (D) - in order to theatrically emphasize its chasing chambers. GRIVEN’s Stroker 12° and Danube 10° perfectly accomplished the requirements of the German lighting designers, who had been appointed by the Eng. Wael Gouda of the Egyptian company Horizon in order to provide the monument with the needed light output and colour brilliance. DANUBE uses 88 high brightness LEDs to achieve an extremely high light output, although this extra power is contained in a remarkably compact unit, allowing for an easy and highly versatile installation. Fitted with thirty-six 3W full colour LEDs and designed for refined professional use, STROKER is a super flux and high luminance colour changer for exterior and interior use that incorporates state of the art electronic colour mixing and high reliability, meaning powerful, uniform and effective colour rendering and minimal maintenance.

Sound & Light Show at the Horus-Temple in Edfu/Egypt
Artistic direction: CASA MAGICA, Friedrich Förster and Sabine Weissinger, Tübingen/Germany
Production contractor in Egypt: HORIZON, Cairo
Photo: CASA MAGICA, Friedrich Förster