Denmark - The 15th UN Climate Change Conference

Denmark had the honour of hosting the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) which took place at Copenhagen Bella Center  from the 7th to the 18th of December, 2009. Hosting about 15.000 participants, this has been the largest international political conference ever held in Denmark with attendants from 192 countries representing governments, business communities and civil society. After several years of planning and eight weeks of hectic build-up, 77,000 square metres of Bella Centre's premises have hosted for 12 days the biggest event of its kind, both politically and practically.
Although this was not the first time that Bella Center had held such an important international conference, COP15 was nevertheless special owing to its size, duration and world wide relevance, which required the creation of the best possible framework in each and every detail. Even if  Bella Center dates back to the 1970s, it is still a good example of how older buildings can become attractive, other than functional, with the help of a dedicated and well-integrated lighting system. The installation company in charge of the project, Dansk Video Center, needed a very reliable and powerful lighting fixture, which could blend discretely with the architectural features of the Bella Center outside façade. A long-throw vividly colored beam was required to spectacularly enhance the horizontal concrete tunnel which embellishes the main entrance of the conference center along with the entrance itself. Therefore the technical features of GRIVEN’s GRAPHITE 600 were widely recognized as the most suitable for this prestigious installation and GRIVEN distributor for Denmark, the company Future Light, delivered the required fittings. Along with the standard version of GRAPHITE 600, a number of HFT fixtures were also successfully employed in order to optimize the DMX control system of the whole lighting installation.
GRAPHITE 600 is a weatherproofed 575W colour changer which has been specifically designed for permanent exterior installation. The newly conceived outline provides for a compact and solid housing that perfectly integrates in any architectural environment. The range of optical combinations gives the ability to narrow the beam aperture down to 10° or increase it up to a wide angle output of 45°. The powerful and reliable performance of the fully equipped GRAPHITE 600 is a breakthrough in the constantly evolving architectural stage.
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