Taiwan - The Keshu suspension bridge

Crossing the Houlong River main channel in the Miaoli County, the Keshu Bridge is Taiwan’s first suspension bridge for road traffic. Its unconventional design is supported by a groundbreaking technology, which ensures the bridge to withstand large earthquake forces and be stable during the most challenging typhoon conditions.
Opened to road traffic in July 2006 after conducting the required scale model wind tunnel tests, the Keshu suspension bridge has been completely lit up by the end of November 2009 by the company Fomolux Enterprise Co. LTD, Taiwan, which made its overall length of 808 meters shine into the night sky of Tongluo Township.
Besides a more traditional spot light illumination system, which enhances the contours of the bridge, the Lighting Designers of Fomolux wanted to produce emotional and exciting graphic displays using the concrete construction as an unusual backdrop. Batteries of GOBOSTORM PLUS were therefore successfully installed to reproduce colourful changing patterns on the side pillars of the gate, giving a permanent, gorgeous touch of uniqueness and originality to this bridge. 
GOBOSTORM PLUS is a fully weatherproofed (IP65) outdoor use high power zoom optics gobo projector, able to project changing images plus colour changes, which can be combined with other special effects. Using a 575watt metal halide lamp with a high precision optical group, GOBOSTORM PLUS can project images with high brightness and clarity.  The high power lamp gives the ability to project at long distances or to create enormous impact when used for closer projections. GOBOSTORM PLUS is designed for easy installation and programming, together with reliability even in the harshest weather conditions. This is a new opportunity for advertising, logo or image creation, together with colour, in any outdoor urban environment.
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