Kuwait - A 360° shopping experience

Redefining the meaning of shopping in Kuwait, the recently opened 360 MALL delivers the perfect blend of luxury fashion, food and a state-of-the-art family entertainment to cater for all age groups.
Inspired by renowned shopping destinations as well as by the local culture of Kuwait, 360 MALL provides a mix of over 130  upscale brands including fashion, accessories, entertainment and dining. Visitors and “shopping addicts” will find here a heavenly mix of high-end icons, all well placed to meet any customer needs.
A detailed, careful attention is dedicated to the architectural features of this elegant shopping temple. The refined architectural aesthetics  blends with the overall space, enhancing the pleasure of shopping. Moreover, a prominent role has been reserved to the lighting system of the entire mall. As a symbol of the whole centre, the main entrance of 360 Mall has been purposefully enlightened with an elegant colour changing effect, able to further enhance the unique style of this glass tower.
6 units of GRIVEN’s KOLORADO MK3 2500W were installed by the  company Highpro Kuwait - which were also in charge of  the related lighting design - to provide a soft edge glare free illumination to the glass structure of the entrance tower, creating a stunning night time scene.
KOLORADO MK3 2500 offers, with its newly conceived optical system, an extremely powerful light output, giving the ability to cover great areas or distances, and indeed effective use in a high level of ambient light. KOLORADO MK3 2500 provides a uniform colour coverage, creating superb effects of light and colour on every kind of surface.
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