Iran – The Jam & Jam Complex in Teheran

The quality of the spaces in a modern city like Tehran is seen in its monuments and architecture, and in its environmental fabric as a whole. Large buildings, monuments and streets, together with modern communication and information systems, combine to give the city a sense of modernity, and to enable it to renew itself over time, in order to meet changing functional, creative and artistic needs.
Within this context, the purpose of an efficient architectural lighting is to provide the best and most coherent integration of each structure in the local urban and commercial setting, enhancing at the same time its distinctive features and making it fully recognisable, with a clear sense of identity. The company Royal Gift  has been recently charged with the lighting project of a modern residential conglomerate in Tehran – the so called Jam & Jam Complex – , which consists of 3 horseshoe-shaped block-like structures hosting 725 flat units.  The Lighting Designer in charge of the project, Mr. Hasan Bahadori, Managing Director of the above mentioned company Royal Gift, put a major emphasis on the upper parts of both the opposite ”twin towers” of the Jam & Jam complex, enhancing them through a well-defined use of dynamic colour changing effects. Mr. Bahadori chose  to repeat this accents of colour also on the rear part of the whole conglomerate, concentrating powerful beams of light lengthwise on the corners of the building.
To achieve this outstanding result, 16 GRIVEN Colosseo OS CYM 1000 were strategically positioned all around this huge complex. The high light output afforded by the HQI 1000 watt lamp allows COLOSSEO OS CYM 1000 to be used to light, like in this occasion, large buildings, giving even colour coverage over a wide area. The high IP65 rating against water and dust ingress means that the unit is suitable for virtually any exterior or interior application and can be mounted in any orientation. Colour sequences can be selected from a pre-programmed internal controller, with multiple unit synchronisation possible, or controlled from the IP65 dedicated DMX controller, or from any DMX512 control system.
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Roshangaran Electronic Co.
Contact person: Mr. Hasan Bahadori