Hungary - Arena Shopping Mall

With its 66,000 square meters, the Arena Plaza is the largest Shopping and Entertainment Centre of Budapest.  This mega mall features 220 retail shops, a food court, a 2,600-vehicle car park, a 10,000 sqm hypermarket and a 22-screen cinema with the first IMAX in Hungary. Spacious interiors and a simple circular design recall the shape of the former horse racing courses. Exclusive design and elegant inside decoration distinguish the Arena from any other traditional shopping centre of Hungary. A panoramic green park area surrounds the shopping mall, offering a suggestive hillside view.
The lighting designer in charge of the project wanted to create a trendy effect, using spot lighting to enhance specific points, whilst leaving whole areas dark in order to create more dramatic spaces. This lighting approach, besides being evocative, is also a real marketing brainwave, as it purposely enlighten focal points and leading paths which steer in a very cute way the visitor into this huge recreation ground.
GRIVEN features in its professional range of colour changers a really versatile product that can be used in a vast array of different installations with optimal results: Daisy-OUT. More than 800 GRIVEN Daisy-OUT have been successfully employed to enliven the Arena Plaza. They were placed at the base of all the decorative columns and recessed in the corridors of the mega mall, framing a luminous track made up of changing lights chasing each others in a attractive sequence of changing  hues. A number of Daisy-Out, covered by a translucent glass dome, was also skilfully spread on the hill-side flanking a row of decorative trees to signal the path.
DAISY-OUT is a small size colour changer designed for exterior recessed applications, suitable for ground mounting purposes, which always surprises for its extraordinary versatility. The high efficiency and high brightness Light Emitting Diodes utilized offer silent operation, durability and low power consumption. The 3-piece light source used produces, via RGB electronic mixing, an endless palette of attractive pastel or deep colours, which can cross fade slowly or be selected and changed individually.
Please feel free to contact our authorized dealer for this area to find out more:
Zaj System House Trading Ltd Co. (which fulfilled this project in cooperation with Sky Lighting
Komaromi Ut. 11
1142 Budapest Hungary
Tel  00... Fax 0036 1 3122487
Light Design by Zoltan Üveges