Japan - the Fuji TV tower

Symbol of one of the most important broadcasting stations in Japan, the Fuji TV Headquarters’ building is located at the very heart of the Tokyo Bay, a vintage point from which you can appreciate a whole view of the downtown area of the Japanese metropolitan city.
Being often exposed to sea breezes and strong blowing winds like the typhoon, this striking, modernist building is characterized by the presence of a huge globe, which needed to be skillfully lightened to emphasize the peculiarity of its architecture.
The appointed lighting designers of Lightcosmo had to take into consideration both the challenging geographical position of the building, due to its sea proximity, and the light-reflecting material used as external coating of the globe itself, in order to reach a perfect blend of light and colour on its silver tinted surface.
Recognized as the most suitable lighting fixture to illuminate this globe, GRIVEN’s EVEREST CYM 900 has been successfully employed in this challenging application.  A total number of 18 units, divided between the upper and the lower section of the sphere where used to create a uniform and colorful effect that shines in the Tokyo sky.
EVEREST CYM 900 is another champion in the ever expanding GRIVEN Architectural Dimension range. Due to the great output of the MSD700 lamp and its standard 7º optics which produces an ultra narrow beam, Everest is a powerful and versatile colour changer highly suitable for long distance coverage. This super bright and ultra narrow beam ability is probably unique from an IP 65 rated colour changer and will give lighting designers and specifiers opportunities not previously available to them.
Thanks to the sapient illumination of its globe,  the Fuji TV headquarter has become an acclaimed tourist attraction of the Tokyo Bay, also quoted from the advertising campaign of the famous Yakata-bune pleasure boat as an eye-catching, striking element in Tokyo night life.
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