Indonesia - Mikie Holiday Resort & Resort Hotel - Medan

Mikie Holiday Resort & Hotel is an oasis of relaxation and luxury in the cool, mountainous region of Medan, Indonesia. One of Indonesia's premier resorts, Mikie Holiday lies at the heart of the picturesque Karo Highlands. The resort is well-known throughout the region, not only for catering to its guests, but also for the breathtaking vistas of the surrounding hills it affordsLighting plays an important role in creating the feeling of luxury and serenity that is the hallmark of this highland oasis. When Mikie Holiday decided to update the lighting of its facade and surroundings recently, it turned to Singapore-based Hawko Trading to provide a spectacular visual treat for its guests at night.To make the resort look its brightest and grandest at night, the upgraded facade lighting features some of the best lighting in the market today. Two Griven Kolorado 1800 are used to paint the front facet of the resort with multi-colour changing lights, giving it a beautiful, chameleon-like effect against the night sky.A powerful 4000W Griven Tracer 4000 is used to project multi-beam light rays into the sky at night. The stunning rays cut through the clouds, making Mikie Holiday look majestic atop the hills.
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