Sweden - OBS department store

OBS, among the main store chains in Sweden, features a beautiful department store in the shopping Mall of Karlstad, which is expanding to be one of the largest in Sweden.OBS needed to lighten the rear wall on the glass main entrance lobby, to offer their customers and visitors a spectacular view from a long distance.Designers from the company J&K Hyrlius, which is the dealer company of our agent Bellalite Ljusdesign AB in the Karlstad area, performed an installation including GRIVEN products. And yes, the target was reached !! Three Colosseo CYM 1000 units have been placed on the floor to illuminate the rear wall with their powerful light output and to give an impressive effect through their smooth CYM colour changing system. One Colosseo OS CYM 1000 projector illuminates the top glass section of the entrance hall.The eye-catching result has turned the main entrance hall of OBS to a landmark in the city.
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