Lebanon - Baalbeck International Festival

Baalbeck, Lebanon, July 18, 2003. Like every year, Baalbeck International Festival, held in the historical city of Baalbeck with its ancient Roman temples ruins draw a crowd and an audience from all over the world.The temple was begun in the last quarter of the first century B.C., and was nearing completion in the final stage of Nero's reign (37-68 A.D.).Between July and August are featured unique concerts and performances schedules this year such as AHMAD JAMAL (Famous Jazz pianist), CHICAGO (Broadway play), JOHNNY HALLIDAY and many others that came to Baalbeck during the festival.Our KOLORSTREAM 2500 outdoor colour changing units were used to highlight the temple complex of Baalbeck, which is made up of the Jupiter Temple and the Bacchus Temple adjacent to it; and at a short distance away is the circular structure known as the Temple of Venus. Among its main features, KOLORSTREAM is provided with CYM infinite colour mixing facility, long throw capacity and IP44 weather protection factor for incredibly powerful colour changing performances.The project was developed by our agent for Lebanon, the company Triangle Sound & Image.
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