India - Andhra Pradesh Assembly, Hyderabad

A second monument of great historical value in India has been recently fitted with a brand new lighting system for a new dynamic colour changing experience.Located in Hyderabad, the Andhra Pradesh Assembly can be seen in a new light now and as the Tourism Joint Director says: "the tourists taken around the old city will enjoy an exciting atmosphere given by the perfect blend between ancient building and state-of-the-art lighting technology".The powerful architectural IP65 colour changer projectors COLOSSEO OS CYM 1000 are used here to paint both the front facades and some interior vaults giving the palace a gorgeous effect against the night sky.Colosseo OS CYM 1000 can be mounted in any orientation and its versatility is matched by its ability to be used in any exterior environment, due to its high degree of water and dust resistance, evidenced by the IP65 rating. The colour mixing system using cyan, yellow and magenta dichroic filters creates a superb variety of colours, further enhanced by the kilowatt of lamp power. A movie of the live colour changing performance of the magnificent Andhra Pradesh Assembly is available at the COLOSSEO extended entry. The project has been developed by the company Dhawan Stagecraft PVT LTD of New Dehli.
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