Singapore- National Day Parade

Continuing the success of using Griven Kolorjet colour changers during the 2001 National Day parade, the show's organizers have decided to use all 40 Hawko supplied Kolorjets again for the National Day Parade this year.The Griven Kolorjets were used to much critical acclaim during the 2001 National Day Parade. The colour changing sequences provided by the Kolorjets amazed and tantalized the crowds that day and all viewers at home. The National Stadium came alive with a sea of changing colours.Hawko's personnel are once again called upon to provide technical supportduring the installation of the 40 pieces of Griven Kolorjets at the National Stadium this year.Given our numerous experiences in installing such architectual lighting equipment, it was all in a day's work for our technical personnel. The Griven Kolorjets are in tip top condition for the big day ahead!A movie of the live colour changing performance of the National Day Parade is available at the KOLORJET extended entry.  This concept has been designed by the company HAWKO TRADING PTE LTD (Singapore). For direct contact: