Uzbekistan - International Business Centre, Tashkent

The first ever permanent architectural colour changing installation in Uzbekistan has been recently performed in Tashkent, the capital of this country, and Griven lighting fixtures were there! The standard lighting equipment of the International Business Centre, the building complex where the Annual Business Forum of EBRD is held, has been developed and improved by an impressive exterior colour changing illumination scheme, which is now delighting visitors' eyes.The company JSC "Plaza", provided the customer with a turn-key service,pursuing a modern, dynamic, effective design to create a magnificent and imposing colour changing atmosphere.The most appropriate choice has turned out to be a wide selection from the unique Griven exterior architectural colour changers range: Kolorado MK2 1800, Kolorado MK2 2500, Kaleido 575, Kolorstream 2500 and Kolorclip 150. These reliable, weatherproofed projectors, specifically designed for outdoor use, were accurately combined by the lighting designers of JSC "Plaza" to give the IBC area an innovative and distinctive look. For additional information please contact our dealer at the following details:JSC "PLAZA"13-floor, International Business CentreAmir Temur street 107 BTashkent cityUzbekistan 700084Tel. (+998 71) 138 58 66Fax (+998 71) 138 58 65E-mail: - plaza@my-plaza.orgWebsite: