Singapore - British Council

The building of the British Council in Singapore has provided itself with a new light dress since last year which every day at the sunset fascinates its visitors with soft colour hues.The lighting of the façade is integrated and absorbed into the architecture to allow a dramatic facelift to the entire structure.This charming permanent installation has been created by means of a small number of GRIVEN KOLORCLIP 150W units which, set in key positions along the front side, make the building neatly illuminated in an efficient and unfussy manner.Completing GRIVEN's pioneering range for the architectural lighting market, KOLORCLIP provides colour change in an ultra compact weatherproofed housing (IP55 certified) utilizing the CDM-SA/T 150W metal halide 9000 hour lamp with the ability to mix whatever colour/pattern or sequence is requested.The British Council has succeeded to enhance itself as a political landmark through a dynamic lighting, which being sympathetic to the architectural character of the building and giving particular emphasis to the front side, was designed to attract road users' attention and develop lighting itself as an art form in the city.
For more information please get in touch with the company in Singapore that followed the project: HAWKO TRADING CO. PTE. LTD
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