UAE - Aqua Fantasia

The largest breathtaking aquatic show was presented daily at Creek Park - Dubai from 15 January to 15 February 2004 for its amazed audience. The four pools, which together gather a size of 4000 sq. m., have been performing a terrific tango of water sprinklings lit in brilliant colours, where the music was synchronised to match the ups and downs of the sprouts trickling up gently and then flaming down.The company Lisa Concerts - Germany has singled out GRIVEN lighting fixtures as the most suitable ones to create the magic effect of the amazing water show, which has become a symbol of Dubai’s growth and development.The entire project required a total of 35 Griven colour-changing projectors, for three different models, ranging from 575W to 2500W fixtures.All the projectors provided a superb and powerful light entertainment, combining a smart CYM colour mixing system with a wide angle optical system to give the smoothest colour change.As the music went on a practically boundless colour selection was available to emphasize the shape and movement of the water performances through a precise DMX protocol control.Lisa Concerts from Leinach - Germany, the company who has developed the project, will be more than glad to provide you with any additional information.
Please contact them at the following details:
LISA CONCERTS GERMANY Friedenstrasse 1D-97274Leinach -GermanyTel.  0049 9364 899  21Fax.  00... 21