Greece - Irida Club

The use of the latest GRIVEN LED technology has supported the Greek company BON STUDIO S.A. to develop an innovative lighting solution, giving to lighting designers in Greece another effective, real sample of modern, dynamic illumination concept.A brand-new, amazing lighting environment was born at the IRIDA, a large live club in Irakio, city in the wonderful island of Crete, thanks to the various options that the wide GRIVEN Professional LED Colour Changer Guide offers. This prestigious project involves a combination of indoor and outdoor LED colour changers, ranging from the 3/6 LED-piece of the Daisy and Dice series (24 pieces Daisy-In, 51 pieces Daisy-On, 5 pieces Daisy-Out and 2 pieces Dice), through to the modular bar Parade series (19 pieces Parade D18 and 2 pieces Parade D9), up to the renowned 22 LED-piece Dawn model (45 pieces Dawn). Extremely long lifetime, reduced power consumption, compact size and silent operation are the indisputable advantages of LED technology, that combine with the trip throughout the infinitive shades of colours that the GRIVEN LED colour changers allow.This combination of LED fixtures has been implemented by the use of 4 pieces Dolomite CYM 600, the discharge MSD 575W lamp colour changer from the well known GRIVEN Architectural Dimension catalogue.The company BON STUDIO S.A. has taken care of the whole supply of both sound and lighting equipment for this installation.
The contact details of our authorised distributor for Greece BON STUDIO S.A. and those of the comapny that performed the installation are the following:
Our dealer -BON STUDIO S.A.6,
Zaimi Street Exarchia
10683 Athens Greece
Tel.  0030 210 3809 6058 Fax 0030 210 3845 755
The installation company: 
SOUND LEVELMr Ritsopoulos K.Papanastasiou
5771306 Irakleio City Crete Greece
Tel. 2810-323765