Poland - Re-design Architecture

High level architectural lighting skills, expertise and a loyal business cooperation between PROLIGHT Sp. Z.o.o., the well renowned distributor for Griven lighting fixtures in Poland,and their customer Andrzej Groda of Ostroteka looks like the perfect combination to re-design Polish architecture with newly conceived lighting systems.No matter whether indoor or outdoor, astonishing lighting environments are created by this winning synergy whenever grand openings, live concerts, massive private parties or fashion shows take place.A great success is assured also whenever state-of-the-art historic buildings or modern forward-thinking private villas call for innovative lighting solutions. This has already happened for events like Christmas festivities in Wilanow or sumptuous wedding ceremonies, as well as in outstanding dwellings such as the Warsaw Polytechnic, the Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the shopping and entertainment centre Manufaktura.These valued lighting shows have enjoyed the unquestionable benefits of the Griven IP44 colour changers series: high power matchless light output, infinite colour shades (sourcing out from the CYM colour changing system),high flexibility obtained with additional optics for narrower or wider beam adjustments, top class materials providing reliability and longevity for both indoor and outdoor applicationsand not to mention the vast selection of available models ranging from 575W to 1800W, 2500W and 4000W).Colour changing ambient lighting has been implemented for an even greater effect by the use of Pro-Motion, the Griven versatile multiple format image projectors range, now available with both 1200W and 1800W lamps.Open air events, large area projection shows, exhibition halls, marketing and advertising, theme parks, festivals and live performances have been enhanced by the various types of display shows that Pro-Motion can create through dynamic gobo, slides and film projections.
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Ul. Farbiarska, 2402862 Warsaw
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GRODA - Aranzacja Realizacja Swiatta Andrzej Grodaul.KubusiaPuchatka 2207-410 Ortrotekae-mail: contact@groda.plweb: