Kazakhstan - Astana celebrates special occasions

The Samat Show Technics Group of Kazakhstan has lately developed an extensive portfolio of new lighting schemes for the most prestigious national buildings of their own country.The unprecedented vibrant experience of such revolutionary lighting solutions has been obtained by making use of a huge number of Griven outdoor colour changers.Astana, the second capital of Kazakhstan, celebrates special occasions and events with striking night time effects.With the use of advanced technology CYM colour changers of the IP44 and IP65 ranges by Griven, the magnitude of the new colourful landscape has now become an enjoyable set for peaceful break out,and at the same time it has been largely acclaimed as one of the most innovative lighting installation of the region.
For additional details our official distributor can be found at the following contact details:
Samat Show Technics
88 Karasai Batyr St.Almaty
Tel.  3272 582368  /  3272 921858  / 3272 922834Fax. 3272 509553