Syria - Omaween Square Fountain

Combining the magic of colours with the water jets primordial attraction, the Omaween Square in Damascus, Syria, is a landmark in the world of architectural lighting,for being the biggest hi-quality LED lit fountain around the world. Hundreds of GRIVEN’s popular DIVE led projectors, were used to bring to life this challenging, yet extremely successful, joy for the eyes. The outcome is there to be admired, both technologically and visually.A key player in GRIVEN’S led outstanding success, the DIVE projector is a high quality LED colour changer, specifically designed for exterior applications, available in Class 3 version, featuring an IP68 (Full Dry) weather protection rating. This versatile fixture also allows beam positioning through 10 degrees Tilt and a full 360 degrees Pan. A 4000 Kg deadweight load capacity makes Dive Class 3 the appropriate choice for underwater installations, for lighting, as in Damasco, fountains directly from the base or from the sides.