Austria - The heat is on! Setting the stadium on fire

In the quest that modern day football has undertaken to conjugate sports and entertainment, nothing has quite matched the spectacular effort by the Red Bull Salzburg FC (Austrian's title holders),who by adding the flair of GRIVEN ultra-powerful moving-head 7K colour changers to their latest achievements on the field, have managed to be one of the most talked about teams of the continent, in terms of sports marketing.The task was a daunting one, a permanent installation for a pre and post match extraordinary lightshow with the stadium ordinary lights on. An unprecedented concept that found its harmonizing tool with the KOLORGLOBE 7000 CYM searchlights. The result is an open-mouth wonder that goes beyond any expectations.Adding glitz to any applications, KOLORGLOBE 7000, by using a 7000W flicker free lamp with a precision electro-shaped nickel-rhodium coated reflector, gives an extraordinary light output further enhanced by the narrow angle beam which can be adjusted electronically between 1,5º and 15º. The unit is weatherproofed to a certified IP44 rating for a comfortable exterior use. On board or remote DMX512 gives access to all functions, which include frost soft edge effect, black out, electronic dimmer, enhanced electronic strobe and standby. This wide range of abilities makes the unit ideal for rental companies, as well as for fixed installations in large scale concepts.A video-clip can be downloaded at this link:link to video.mpeg
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