Kazakhstan - Reaching for the sky

Well known as one of Kazakhstan architectural landmarks, the TV Tower in Almaty was built between 1975 and 1983. Located on the high slants of the Kok Tobe hills (Kok Tobe is Kazakh for: "green hill") south-east of downtown Almaty, the tower is staggeringly high 371.5 m ; its 114 m. metal aerial reaches 1000 meters above sea level. Since Almaty is particularly vulnerable to earthquakes, the TV tower was designed to withstand earthquakes up to a strength of 10 on the Richter scale.Following on the path of many other architectural locations in the country, the tower has been given a touch of colour changing magic make-up which attract stares from every side of the city.Guarding the tower with an array of some of its best known architectural projectors, GRIVEN delivers, once again, the required artistry. A selection of Kolorado, Kolorstream and Kolorjet are employed in a circle to create the cones of light and colour that reaches upwards to the sky.A well deserved special mention goes to the mighty KOLORJET unit. Its overwhelming strength of power is used to extend the colours as to meet the peak of the TV Tower in a triumph of light. KOLORJET uses a Xenon 4000W lamp which power is enhanced by the performance of the nickel rhodium plated reflector. An electronic zoom varies the beam size, yet another feature for a unit already packed with technology and with a wide range of capabilities.
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Credits for the lighting design should go to Mr. Igor Myssik, Deputy Director - Project Manager of Samat Lightech LTD and Member of PLDA.