Japan - Saitama Super Arena: a Super lighting performance

Saitama Super Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in Saitama City, Japan. Well known for its state of the art architectural concept, the arena features a gigantic moveable section of seating which can reduce capacity for smaller events and create a more intimate setting. In 2006 the Saitama Super Arena hosted the Final Round of the Basketball World Championships. Its permanent attractions include the John Lennon Museum which displays John Lennon memorabilia.Through a striking partnership with the company LIGHTCOSMO a superb lighting concept was developed and created with some of the GRIVEN top-drawer projectors such as the GOBOSTORM PLUS, whose features were especially appreciated.
GOBOSTORM PLUS is a fully weatherproofed (IP66) high power zoom optics gobo projector, able to project changing images plus colour changes, which can be combined with other special effects. Using a 575W metal halide lamp with a high precision optical group, GOBOSTORM PLUS can project images with brightness and clarity. It has on board DMX control or it can be operated by an external digital controller.With the creativity allowed by the special effects, the indexable rotatable gobo wheel and the eight colour wheel GOBOSTORM PLUS is a must when it comes to advertising, logo or image creation and many more outdoor opportunities. Optional optics are also available for an even more amazing package. GRIVEN also offers, for simpler applications, GOBOSTORM, a budget alternative with a single gobo rotator but just the same power and weather protection. GOBOSTORM gives you the power to invent.
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